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Evaluating the Sales Team Holistically

A professional salesperson faces many challenges, among them hitting set targets each quota. Sales people determine what level of success a business shall enjoy. Where there is a problem with hitting those targets, the rest of the business shall be in trouble.

You will find that it helps to look at more than what the sales team manages to bring in. Those figures are not the only dimension of their existence or purpose. When evaluating the performance of your sales force, you need to avoid looking at numbers alone. This shall help you nurture a stronger and better team in the long run. Sales figures get the most attention, but there is more to such a team than those numbers. Here are some ways to evaluate the sales team performance in a more holistic manner.

You should focus on the process as much as you will look at their achievements. While the main objective of a sales team may be those numbers, looking at how they get them is just as important. This calls for a review of the sales funnel you have in place. You need to know how well your sales reps use this funnel through each stage. This is the best way to find out where they could be making mistakes. Once you know their kind of strengths and weaknesses, addressing them helps make the overall team much better at their jobs, and thus more sales.
There is a need also to promote the best prospectors. Prospecting happens to be the least favorite part of doing sales work. There is however no better way for them to find more clients to sell to in future. You can encourage more prospecting by rewarding those who do it well. This is how you will see more of them doing their best to get more leads, and getting the rest to try it more often.

You need to also reward those who train others. It is normal to see most of the sales done in an organization being the product of a few top salespeople, a situation that leaves too many chances unused in the rest of the team. You only need to get the top salespeople to train the rest on how to manage difficult ales processes, for you to realize more sales form the entire team. The top salespeople shall have the chance to perfect their skills, and the others shall have that chance to learn something useful in the sales process.

There is also a need to grow the spirit of teamwork. While individual performance matters to salespeople, teamwork can help them achieve even more. Some internal competition is necessary to encourage better performance. It is important that they understand that the completion other companies bring is what you all collectively need to work against.

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